I’m having trouble logging in to my account. How do I get help?

For help logging into your bestreading.ca account, or for other administrative issues, please email info@dc-canada.ca with “reading program admin” in the subject line.


How quickly should my children be progressing though the lessons? Why is one child so much faster although they are almost the same age?

Every child will progress at a different pace. Ideally, a child should practice with our program every day. Our program intends to avoid putting pressure on children and comparing them to others since the journey towards literacy depends on each individual.


Are the programs available in other languages or just in English?

Our reading program will only be available in English for the foreseeable future, but we hope to someday include some of our French educational material.


The phonics games are not loading properly. What do I do?

Since those game files are heavy, we have set them up to load one at a time. If they are still taking too long to load, try using another web browser and checking your internet connection.